This Is Why More Businesses Are Mellowing Out Over Hiring…

This Is Why More Businesses Are Mellowing Out Over Hiring Marijuana Smokers (Video)

Since 29 states have legalized marijuana use, either medically or recreationally, employers are faced with a huge labor shortage and are making the decision to hire those who partake in marijuana use.  

FPI Management, a property company in California, wants to hire dozens of people. Factories from New Hampshire to Michigan need workers. Hotels in Las Vegas are desperate to fill jobs.

These employers and many others are quietly taking what once would have been considered a radical step: They’re dropping marijuana from the drug tests they require of prospective employees.

Marijuana testing — a fixture at large American employers for at least 30 years — excludes too many potential workers, experts say, at a time when filling jobs is more challenging than it’s been in nearly two decades.

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Source: News To Me

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