Entire Migrant Caravan Has Entered US

Do you remember when the Alt-Right was boasting last month that they had stopped the caravan by calling their representatives and tweeting about it?

“SAN DIEGO — The last group of asylum seekers from the Central American caravan crossed into the United States this morning, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Since arriving in Tijuana Sunday, approximately 228 members of the caravan entered the U.S. to ask for asylum. The odds of them staying, however, appear slim, as the asylum process takes months and often ends in rejections.

The migrants say they’re fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and hope they’ll find safety and security in the United States. …”

President Trump is tweeting about it too because he can’t do anything about it either. He is saying it is up to the GOP Congress to “act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws.” How many phone calls and emails do you think it will take to get them to do anything about it?

Source: Occidental Dissent

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