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Survival Uses Of Alcohol

Alcohol is most commonly used for drinking or to fuel people’s addiction. Aside from drinking, it can also be used for survival. As a matter of fact it can be used for survival and some of the survival uses of alcohol are for medicinal purposes, for hygienic purposes, it can also be used as a fire starter and many more.

Health benefits

You can find a lot of health benefits from alcohol – when drank in moderation of course. A lot of people buy alcohol to fuel their addiction, and this addiction sometimes is the cause of many illnesses and death of one person.

Vodka and whiskey are some of the alcohols that have health benefits. Vodka is used to clear out unwanted toxins in the body when you are having cold or flu, it can also be used to reduce inflammation of joints and bones. Whiskey is used to lessen the risk of diabetes; help prevents dementia and stroke, destroy cancerous cells, lessen the risk of blood clots and develop healthy cholesterol.

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