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Enough Already: Autism Needs to Be Declared a National Health Crisis

It is both astonishing and insulting that, nearly three decades in, federal agencies and public health experts persist in denying and refusing to tackle our nation’s staggering autism epidemic. With typical dismissiveness (and a straight face), one group of pediatric researchers recently had the temerity to put the word “epidemic” in quotes while endorsing the charade that the rising prevalence of autism is attributable to broader diagnostic criteria, increased awareness and “the inclusion of milder neurodevelopmental differences bordering on normality.”

The government’s own surveys—as well as parents, school systems and municipal budgets—tell an entirely different story, however. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) began skyrocketing in the late 1980s, concurrent with a massive expansion of the childhood vaccine schedule and a corresponding increase in children’s exposure to neurotoxic vaccine ingredients such as mercury and aluminum. Using data from the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs, a 2005 study published in Pediatrics reported that autism prevalence went from roughly 1 in 2,850 ten-year-olds born in 1982 (0.035%) to about 1 in 550 ten-year-olds born in 1990 (0.183%).

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