Malkin: “Clapper and Trapper in the Crapper” +VideosJudge…

Malkin: “Clapper and Trapper in the Crapper” +Videos

Judge Jeanine discusses the Comey lies and Clapper crap beyond reality that violates U.S. laws and details how she would adjudicate them both in a court of law.

Let’s hope we are seeing the beginning of justice for these pathetic former Director FBI and Director DIA morons.

If you’ve noticed, the tables seem to be turning as the Russian Collusion “Witch Hunt” winds down, the perpetrators of the fake Russian Dossier are now getting the brunt of their own actions. There’s much happening behind the scenes…..texts, emails and other intel are coming to light and we’re witnessing a shift as the “Vacancy” sign illuminates over GITMO.

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Source: News To Me

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