Caravan of Truth Finally Arrives At The US Border

Earlier this month, I wrote about the Caravan of Truth that was making its way from Central America through Mexico en route to the US border.

It provoked a big hashtag campaign on Twitter. Several e-celebs congratulated themselves and declared victory after President Trump announced he was mobilizing the National Guard and that the caravan had been disbanded. I warned on Gab at the time that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama had pulled the same stunt of sending troops to the border under orders to stand around and do nothing.

Nothing much came out of those PR stunts in the past. This was the scene that played out on the Mexican side of the border in Tijuana this morning:

It’s not clear how many of these illegal aliens scaled the border fence, hoisted the Honduran flag aloft over the border and crossed over into the United States. The Border Patrol has confirmed though that some of them have already entered the United States illegally. The rest are still preparing for a showdown with Trump over immigration enforcement.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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