Told Y’all So: The Anglin-Cantwell Texts

My, my, this certainly started the drama train back up.

But do you know something?

I think that despite the storm of infighting that’s going to break out, this sort of airing of dirty laundry will benefit untold numbers of people in the future.

Just lay the facts out there, and let everyone make their decision on those they find most truthful and reliable.

[2:00:12 AM]Christopher:
How long has the Daily Stormer been running?
[2:00:21 AM]Andrew:
july 2013

[2:00:40 AM]Christopher:
That’s around the same time I launched, almost exactly
Have you and Weev been running it together from the gate?
[2:01:39 AM]Andrew:
no he was in prison at the time
he came on in i think 2015, but i don’t remember
yeah i think it was within the timeframe of dylann roof

[2:03:19 AM]Christopher:
That was in 2015
ah, yes
wires crossed in my mind nm
I swear I’m not trying to make trouble by asking this, but what do you make of those in the movement who suspect he’s a Jew?
[2:05:27 AM]Andrew:
is this on the record or off?

[2:05:52 AM]Christopher:
Anything you tell me here that you don’t want public, I won’t make public, you have my word. We can do it by voice if you don’t want it in print.
[2:06:40 AM]Andrew:
well basically, i look into it, and the claim is that his mother has a jewish great grand parent
meaning he would be 1/16th

[2:06:46 AM]Christopher:
I’m asking here specifically so I don’t put you on the spot on air
[2:06:53 AM]Andrew:
and that doesn’t particularly bother me
even 1/4th wouldn’t really bother me
but we deal with people who are autistic
tara mccarthy had 2% on a dna test and people call her a kike

[2:07:43 AM]Christopher:
He seemed to imply when I talked to him that there might be some remnant as well, but not enough to raise concern
I agree with you
I got into race because I want outcomes, and I can’t acheive them without taking it into consideration like so many blind libertarians.
[2:08:49 AM]Andrew:
he’d obviously rather not just say “i might be 1/16th or something, i have no idea because my mother is a fucking liar”
but that from the data is the worst case

[2:09:58 AM]Christopher:
Thanks for being straight. I want to do a good interview and I want everybody to come out looking good.
[2:10:31 AM]Andrew:
i posted my dna test that said
99.4% european and people were like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT .6%????”

[2:11:20 AM]Christopher:
0.6% non white? Fuck that, you’re not coming on my show, nigger!
[2:11:53 AM]Andrew:
yeah and the DNA company admitted they change results

[2:12:09 AM]Christopher:
Good thing I got mine before that damn Vice peice eh? lol
[2:12:10 AM]Andrew:
but no, that doesn’t bother me. the average italian tests at 6% nonwhite
and if someone is 25% asian, it usually isn’t visible or having any negative effect, because the asian part is so conformist
but you can’t talk about this shit
without being mobbed by autists

[2:15:09 AM]Christopher:
I’ve enjoyed autist mobs myself.
[2:15:17 AM]Andrew:
which i assume is why weev won’t say “yeah maybe 1/16th or 1/8th i don’t really know”

[2:15:26 AM]Christopher:
Thoughts on polygyny?
[2:16:12 AM]Andrew:
well that’s another thing where i’d go into futurism that is not worth talking about
because tbh i think people should be genetically engineered and grown in tubes

[2:16:37 AM]Christopher:
God damn
[2:16:39 AM]Andrew:
and women replaced with robots
but i don’t say that publicly

[2:17:23 AM]Christopher:
Unfortunate, it would make great radio ?

There are a few key reasons why actual Nationalists need to keep themselves distant and separate from what the Alt-Right has become.

  • Lack of religious morals – abandon God, and you open yourself up to rot of the soul. Yes, there may be a limited few who can find meaning and guidance through philosophies like Stoicism, but for the majority, the decision to turn away from Christianity will only lead to corruption, decadence, and filth.

  • A lack of a coherent plan – so the remnants of the Alt-Right are still clinging to the idea that they can somehow seize control of a Republican Party that is in truth more pozzed than its Democratic adversary. And in pursuit of that goal, one must learn to embrace the dumpster fire of Trump’s Presidency, the toxic concept of Americanism, and the idea that Negroes like Kanye West are the vanguard of cultural victory over the Jews.
  • Because of the first issue, it becomes extremely easy for Jews and degenerated Whites to embed themselves among a Movement that originally formed because of a sense of racial solidarity and a desire to summon forth the best attributes of our race. What the Alt-Right has become reminds me far more of what we’re supposed to be fighting than what we’re supposed to be resurrecting and saving.

Please forgive me if I’ve rambled or repeated myself – maybe there is a place for Mischling characters in a future ethnostate, but because of what I understand about the genetic tendencies of the Biological Jew, I can’t help but be skeptical.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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