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DoJ IG Report: ‘Lack of Candor’ Will Save Hillary Clinton

The DoJ IG Report is here for your review. The report’s main topic is the leak of an FBI investigation into the Clinton’s (CF) Clinton Foundation that began in 2016, a leak to a reporter at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published October 30th 2016 just prior to the presidential election that (did in-fact) play a major role with the elimination / downfall of Hillary Clinton.

The purpose of the leak was to help exonerate Hillary Clinton of any investigation.

However, the report does NOT focus on the June 27th, 2016 “Tarmac Meeting” between DoJ Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

One reason might be….it is that meeting that set into motion (unmentioned in the IG report) of why Lynch encouraged the FBI to call for a “Stand-down” of the CF investigation. That leaked report about the Tarmac Meeting caused a major investigation by the FBI, as ordered by Lynch, to find and prosecute the person that leaked that meeting to the press.

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