Don Jr. Destroys Comey For Saying Hillary More ‘Respectful’ Of ‘Traditions’ Than Trump

CNN revealed more of Comey’s and the FBI’s, pro-Hillary bias. Comey discussed how Hillary is more “respectful” of “traditions” than President Trump. However, Donald Trump Jr. put him down with an epic zinger.

“Comey says he didn’t vote in the 2016 election, but “Hillary Clinton is more meshed in, trained in, respectful of the norms and traditions that I’m so worried about being eroded today,”” writes CNN on Twitter.

“Great American norms & traditions like taking hammers to iPhones, bleach bitting hard drives, and destroying 30,000 documents under subpoena. Yea Ok!!!” responded Don Jr.

More and more we are seeing bias in the FBI and the DOJ. President Trump discussed this during an interview with Fox and Friends. “They have a witch hunt against the President of the United States going on. I’ve taken the position – and I don’t have to take this position, and maybe I’ll change, that I will not be involved with the Justice Department. I will wait till this is over. It’s a total – it’s all lies, and it’s a horrible thing that’s going on, a horrible thing,” said Trump.

“And yet I’ve accomplished, with all of this going on, more than any president, in the first year, in our history. And everybody – even the enemies and the haters admit that. We’ve accomplished more than any president in the first year by far, if you look at regulations and the big tax cuts, and Judge Gorsuch. So many things. And many other judges. But the big things, the tax cuts, the regulations, nobody’s done what we’ve done – what I’ve done. Despite what’s going on. So I’m very disappointed in my Justice Department,” he said.

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