Destroy Trump! Deep, Dark Shame of the LeftFor a year and a…

Destroy Trump! Deep, Dark Shame of the Left

For a year and a half, since the moment Trump won the election, the American left has been in a constant state of hysteria.  For the preceding year, the leftists had viciously mocked the man 24-7 in the media and on late-night TV.  They were certain, as were their pollsters, that Trump could not win.  So when he did, they went into shock.

The left does not handle shock well.  Since that night, they have vowed their “resistance.”  They have marched with silly hats, have protested every move he makes, and remain determined to see him impeached.  The vast financial resources of George Soros, the SPLC, and an array of other far left groups can summon a mob on a moment’s notice.  Those who show up and are paid to be part of the mob do not need to know why they are there holding the signs someone puts in their hands.  They do this to convince the American people that Trump is an illegitimate president.  But the American people see and know otherwise.  These leftist antics have not hurt Trump at all. His approval numbers continue to rise.

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