Denuclearization – What if Kim Jong-un Has No Other Choice?The…

Denuclearization – What if Kim Jong-un Has No Other Choice?

The world is buzzing with speculation on what has changed the nuclear position of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Some in the United States government believe the sanctions the administration has implemented against North Korea are having an affect. President Trump has engaged in a war of words and threats with North Korea, and received the same in return. Did all the saber rattling from the United States really influence North Korea’s position on nuclear weapons? Is this just a political trick like Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, used back in 2000 to obtain much needed funds for North Korea?

Then maybe it is a case of Kim Jong-un taking advice from China, to become a true political player in the region. Since North Korea now has nuclear weapons, they hold a better hand when approaching the negotiation table.

But what if there was another reason. What if Kim Jong-un has no other choice?

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