Homework Assignment – Reach Out to Starbucks Workers

I was honored to be a guest on last week’s edition of The Political Cesspool hosted by the great James Edwards. We discussed the Starbucks Coffee racial hate crime hoax and related lies and hoaxes of anti Semitic attacks in Germany and the Syrian gassing hoax….. lots and lots of hoaxes slandering our White Indo European people and these lies and slanders are pushed world wide.

I have a homework assigned for OD readers – I’m not asking anyone to do anything I am not doing.

This week – go in to a local Starbucks order some food or beverage product and strike up a conversation with one of the workers/barristers.

Ask them how they like working at Starbucks?

Ask them if they are familiar with the incident in Philadelphia and the Corporate response that will include a massive indoctrination, reeducation program featuring the likes of former Obama Attorney General Eric “My People Holder” and the ADL.

Ask these workers if they are aware that the CEO of Starbucks Howards Schultz has a history of pushing Leftist, anti White, cultural marxist causes (boasting to hire 10,000 undocumented workers to oppose President Trump) and also paying Starbucks workers very low wages, and strongly opposing efforts to unionize Starbucks workers (Link) – this at a time when he Howard Schultz was pulling down $28 million in annual compensation with a Net worth of $3 billion.

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So the homework assignment this week is to just open a dialogue with some regular Starbucks workers/baristas and explain some “facts of life” that (a certain) people is virtual signaling, staging fake racial hate crime hoaxes and exploiting Starbucks workers while corporate leaders rake in $ millions.

We have to be “populist” and take the side of honest workers, regular poor people and oppose the worst traitor, enemy elites. Our propaganda enemies have to be like George Soros, or Howard Schultz – filthy rich, selfish bastards who pretend to be on the side of the poor, the oppressed.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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