Toronto: Van Of Peace Kills 10, Armenian Elliot Rodger Fan Named As Culprit

Canada rarely takes over as leader of a day’s news cycle, so I think we should all give our cucked neighbors to the north a standing ovation for giving us something interesting to read and write about – for once, we don’t have to really deal with Trump-related nonsense.

CBS News:

A van struck and killed 10 pedestrians Monday afternoon in north Toronto and the driver fled the scene, Canadian police said. Fifteen others were injured in the incident. Authorities said the van has been found and the driver was in custody. Police said they did not yet know the cause or any possible motive.

CBS News sources identified the suspect as Alek Minassian, 25, and obtained a photo of him from social media Monday. Officials announced he’s from Richmond Hill — a town in Ontario, Canada.

Officials increased the death toll during a press conference Monday night.

U.S. law enforcement sources told CBS News that the incident appears to be a deliberate act. Witnesses said the driver was moving fast and appeared to be acting deliberately.

Witness Peter Kang told CTV News that the driver did not seem to make any effort to stop.

“If it was an accident he would have stopped,” Kang said. “But the person just went through the sidewalk. He could have stopped.”

Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said that it was too soon to say whether the crash was a case of international terrorism and that the government had not raised its terrorism alert.

So many questions are going to have to be answered going forward – I for one never thought the plot line would take such a weird twist.

  1. Is this Armenian dude a Moslem? I know they tend to be Christian in their bizarre semi-Oriental way, but perhaps this is somebody that’s half Azerbaijani or something?
  2. Should we grant the Chans complete domination over our investigative journalism? Because once again, it looks like random anons processed and disseminated information much faster than traditional media sources.
  3. Is Alek Minassian White enough to be made official leader of the Alt-Right? That right there is a tricky question, but I think with the current climate, he’d be able to be accommodated in some capacity.
  4. Should we just abandon everything, and pray that all gets consumed in holy nuclear fire? Currently a toss up, although the scales are tipping with the amount of sheer insanity breaking out nearly every single day.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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