Bush Family vs Kennedy Family – Which Was/Is Worse?

Barbara Bush has passed on – out of this world to another world. Here’s hoping she has to do her own house work and grocery shopping in the next world, because she didn’t in her mortal life; she didn’t know what a grocery store check out scanner was in this world. These types always demand lots and lots of low wage servants, slaves and promote national suicide type and levels of bad immigration. My take on history is that Muslims tend not to go for the job of personal slave to elite North Eastern Bush WASPs – it’s against Muslim laws to be a slave to non Muslims or to take a fellow Muslim as a slave. But, it is most definitely not against Muslim laws or customs to take our White Indo European (White) people as both the female, male or forced bi sexual slave (concubines, Jannisary slave warriors etc). M’thinks the Saudi Sunni Islamist royals openly refer to USA military forces stationed in SA or Syria as:

Our Janissaries -slaves.

Maybe the Israeli, Zionist, Neo Conservatives have some similar name – “soldier goys, shiksa something”.

I also think the Pakistani Muslim gangs in places like Rotherham England sexually grooming, raping 11 year old English girls tend to shrug and think, “this is part of our culture – plus English/American leaders like Tony Blair and the Bush family would never object – that would be racist”.

I was in New York City in 1988 when VP George W Bush was inaugurated as President after Lee Atwater erased a 25% point deficit to MA Governor Mike Dukakis by using the “Willie Horton Ad” to paint Dukakis as a soft on Black rapist crime Liberal. George HW Bush was supposedly “tough on crime”…

3 years later New York City suffered over 2,000 annual murders, Los Angeles was engulfed in the Rodney King Black race riots with 63 people killed, 2,383 people were injured, and more than 12,000 were arrested. The majority of those arrested were illegal aliens. President George HW Bush ignored all intelligence that this murder and mayhem was coming and instead instructed his Justice Department to re-prosecute the White LA police officers on bogus Federal Civil Rights (double jeopardy).

So I’m asking our readers and everyone in the Dissident Right, Alternative Right, Populist Conservatives, Immigration patriots which political family was/is worse:

The Bush Family or the Kennedy family?

Kennedys in Camelot – Noble Elites Who Champion MLK and the African National Congress

I’m going with the Bush family but it’s a close call – kind of comes down to which side you take in THE game

The football game between Harvard and Yale.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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