Way Too Far… Scarborough Says Those Who Don’t Trust Comey Will Kill Themselves With An Egg Beater

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is furious with people who think that Comey is untrustworthy. So much so that he wants them to all kill themselves.

“James Comey’s letter did as much as anything, other than Hillary Clinton’s bad campaigning, electing Donald Trump president. McCabe leaking about the Clinton Foundation being under investigation hurt Hillary Clinton,” started Scarborough.

“Now, if you are at home and you don’t understand that and you’re buying into some stupid conspiracy theory at home that somebody on TV is telling you, please step away from your kitchen utensils and knives and blenders. Anything sharp because you will hurt yourself because you are too incompetent actually to use any basic household appliances. Let me state again the president of the United States won in large part because of James Comey,” said Scarborough.

“I don’t trust these people to be near an egg beater. Not even a manual egg beater, because you know what, they may go, wait, is this something that trims my nose hair and doing this and there’s blood coming out all over the place,” he said.

“Put yourself in bubble wrap and slowly walk back into your bedroom and put — yeah. Make sure you can breathe. And then put the covers over your head. This is so obvious that — I really find it hard to believe that you are as stupid as anybody that’s pushing these conspiracy theories. James Comey did more than anybody in America … to elect Donald Trump,” said Scarborough. Maybe Scarborough should try paying attention to all the interviews of Comey admitting he wanted Hillary to win.

Source: Scarborough mocks viewers who believe ‘stupid conspiracy theory’ and not Comey by BPR

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