Fans Noticed A Huge Message From God Right In Front Of Tim Tebow In Middle Of Baseball Game

Tim Tebow first rose to sports stardom as a professional football player, having played on many great teams such as the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. While his time in the NFL was short, he proved himself an incredible athlete having made the unusual leap from one professional sport to an entirely different one. He’s now playing AA baseball as an outfielder for the New York Mets organization and is not disappointing both in his performance and promotion of his Christian faith.

Tebow is one of the few professional athletes who uses his public platform in a positive way. He doesn’t try to hide or apologize for his faith in Jesus Christ as a devout Christian who openly practices what he preaches. He’s maintained a strong fan base even after switching sports, as people come to see him, to be inspired by him, whether they like baseball or not.

It was at one of his games recently that this inspired and blessed player received an undeniable message from God in the middle of his game that left an impression on everyone in the stadium.

True Pundit reports:

Tim Tebow’s fans continue flocking to see his minor league baseball games. The former Denver Broncos quarterback inspires a lot of people with his athletic skill and his devotion to living a Christian life.

A picture taken by a fan during a game between the Columbia Fireflies and the Lakewood BlueClaws appears to have a very significant message.

Mark Migliori was at that game with his sons Gavin and Karshin. When the Heisman winner took the field, they noticed something remarkable.

“As Tebow took the field in left, I said to my son, ‘Do you see what I see?’” the father said.

A shadow of a large cross appeared on the field right in front of Tim Tebow. A cross is not something you normally see appearing from a shadow cast by a stadium. The significance was recognized by Migliori who took a picture.

Faith certainly filled the stadium that night even if some there refused to acknowledge what they saw as an actual sign that God is real and represented by His faithful servant in Tebow. It’s refreshing to see a sports star use his recognition for good and really take responsibility for the fact that he is a role model for young kids. When given the option of being a person that impressionable kids look up to who could either teach them to protest or pray, he chose the ladder and is an incredible example because of it.

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