Pentagon Scrambles To Cover Syrian Humiliation, Brings Out “Russian Troll” Narrative

Remember when Hillary and her supporters came out claiming that we were all part of some vast overarching Russian conspiracy?

Remember when we were all accused of being Russian trolls on Vladimir Putin’s personal payroll?

Well, if a certain dignified Female of Color working for the Pentagon is to be believed, it looks like I’m back to making some nice extra income – note that I’m still waiting for my Russian health benefits (dental included) to kick in.

It really does seem, and I’m actually just as surprised as the next guy, that the American government has grown so incompetent that they just tend to scream the same talking points over and over whenever they are confronted with their own lies.

We heard the WMD narrative last night during The Orange One’s war speech, we heard the humanitarian invasion narrative throughout the last week, and now we’re seeing a resurrection of Clinton’s shrill excuses by her opponent’s Administration.

Seemingly all to cover up the fact the latest military debacle – a 70% kill score for Syrian Arabs manning second-rate weaponry, and the only destruction being a scientific research center dedicated to developing alternative energy and water purification methods.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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