Chelsea Handler Scolds Conservative Women For Not Behaving Like Black People

‘Comedian’ Chelsea Handler gave a very revealing interview with the New York Times. In the interview, Handler explained that the #MeToo movement was really created to as a referendum against President Trump. Also she scolded Conservative women for not voting Democrat like black people do. Hmmm…

She explained that the MeToo movement is “a complete referendum on Donald Trump being elected to the presidency… Seventeen million women across the world have been sexually assaulted. It’s all over the place. So to ignore it is to live in a lane and be delusional about your own experience,” said Handler. The Me Too movement clearly started with Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein.

Celebrities were totally fine ignoring Weinstein’s abuse for years. However, apparently when they felt they could use it politically against President Trump, they decided to speak up.

Handler also discussed how more than 50% of white women voted for Trump while 90% of black women didn’t. “Black people know how to vote in their best interest. And women sometimes don’t.” It’s interesting that Chelsea Handler thinks all women must think the same. Apparently she can’t comprehend that some women find running their business effectively to be a bigger priority than Planned Parenthood funding.

Handler went on to explain how women are always putting each other down, and how they need to start working together… by voting Democrat. “We’re stronger when we’re together and stick together and vote in our best interests, and we have a group, and we say, ‘No more.’ Now we know it’s O.K. if one of us succeeds, because that means more of us succeed,” said Handler.

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