Roseanne Crushes Mark Zuckerberg For What He Did To Diamond And Silk

Roseanne Barr has crushed television records with her new pro-Trump sitcom ‘Roseanne.’ But whenever conservatives get a voice, liberals work harder to censor that voice. Facebook censorship is getting worse and worse. Pro-Trump social media duo Diamond and Silk got deemed ‘unsafe’ by facebook.

Roseanne Barr did not like this one bit. “Diamond and Silk are comedians-stop censoring them!” she tweeted, calling out Mark Zuckerberg.

Roseanne Barr then retweeted a quote from Diamond and Silk. “The Democrats don’t like the fact that they can’t control us anymore and they can’t keep us on what we call the Democrat plantation. They can’t use us anymore …We’re black, we’re women and we’re conservatives.”

“I don’t believe in big government, but I do believe that maybe our government should look at the social media platforms. Because let me tell you something, they dominate about 90% of the world now. Think about that. I’m talking about the world. Not just the United States. I’m talking about the world. So that means that they can silence your voice and it will only be one point of view and that is dangerous,” said Diamond in an interview.

“I call that dictatorship. So, I believe that maybe the government should start looking at these here entities and maybe I don’t think regulate them, but if they see you violating someone’s free speech now you are in trouble,” she said.

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