Did Trump Prevent A Military Coup In The US By Winning The Election – Video

Jerome Corsi

I’m not sure where the original to this speech is but Jerome Corsi just explained the Q Anon/Trump counter-coup operation. In public for all to see! According to Corsi, Trump was asked 3 years ago by our Military to run for president.

In exchange they would hold off on their contemplated military coup and instead win power legitimately and fight the Deep State corruption according to our Constitution. Legally, through the processes of our Representative Republic.

And Corsi has been alluding to Q Anon being Army military Intel but in this speech? There’s no alluding, he tells it as FACT with he himself having met with the generals. I personally have believed this for awhile now but to see it so open, in the public, so matter of factly is a bit surreal.

If.you haven’t seen my new RR and Deep State Problems video below, you MUST WATCH it! It explains exactly what’s going on within the legal frames which I believes SHOWS precisely what Corsi is talking about.

Source: News To Me

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