OD Guest on Sat’s The Political Cesspool – Lying War Propaganda Against Syria and Russia.

I will be a guest on this Sat’s edition of James Edwards “The Political Cesspool” (Sat 4-12-18 www.thepoliticalcesspool.org) . We’ll be discussing the terrible, lying Neo Conservative/Zionist/Cuckservative war propaganda pushing the USA, UK maybe even France to launch attacks, regime change invasions against the Syrian Assad regime.

I will try to explain the lying propaganda campaign that both Syria’s Assad and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are somehow both

Hitler or like Hitler

And the Zionist/Neo Conservative/Cuckservative liars/prostitutes are pushing the meme that both Assad and Hitler are gassing little children to death, the same as Hitler supposedly gassed 6 Million Jews in the World War II Holocaust.

This lying Neo Con job war propaganda is very reminiscent to the anti German war propaganda of World War I where the Germans were supposedly cutting off the hands of Belgian babies.

Here’s an example of this lying World War I propaganda:

And now

Source: Occidental Dissent

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