Deep State Narcissists: Dangers Posed by Govt Leaders in the…

Deep State Narcissists: Dangers Posed by Govt Leaders in the Trump Era +Videos

Much is being written and said about America’s Deep State. According to Dr. Lyle Rapacki, an intelligence analyst and security consultant, Deep State is actually a “state within a state” in which a political situation has allowed an internal organization such as the military and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of government bureaucracy), who do not respond to the civilian political leadership that was elected to office.

More and more Americans are discovering after months and months of unprecedented vitriol and anger displayed towards a U.S. President, Donald Trump, that the country is being railroaded by people who are no longer in power (former Presidents, Secretaries of State, Defense Secretaries) as well as people who are part of the Inside the Beltway Bureaucracy.

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