Juan Williams Says That Protecting Our Borders Is “A Joke”, He Gets Destroyed

Thousands of illegals are coming to the border, many of which will try to live in America. President Trump has deployed the military to stop this threat. But according to Juan Williams, protecting our borders is ‘a joke.’

“This is political theater for a man who promised to build a wall that would be paid for by Mexico. That hasn’t happened, and you’ve had some people in his base say what happened to your pledge to build a wall? The reality is the border crossings are at a 45-plus year low,” said Williams. How does illegal border crossings being at an all time low negate what is happening with these caravans?

“The caravan coming up as an Easter ritual for the last five-plus years. I think what you have here is an attempt to trigger fear and hysteria over oh there is a horde coming at the southern border and they are coming, and they are going to invade America,” said Williams.

“But I think it’s all about this president try to say to his base ‘I am putting a wall up, or if I’m not putting a wall up, I’m going to put soldiers there.’ Soldiers who by the way have no authority to detain anyone, arrest anyone, no bullets in their guns. I mean it’s a joke,” said Williams.

Do you think President Trump made the right decision? Check out the video below.

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