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“Q” Latest Post About Biden Family Ties to China, a Clear and Present Danger +Video

Thanks to the latest “Q” posts, he directs (our) attention to Obama, Kerry, and Joe Biden and their secret personal deals with China that bolstered a $1.5 billion dollar deal between Biden’s son and the family’s corporation Rosemont Seneca Partners followed by an official visit to China by then Vice President Biden only days after his son closed a deal with the Chinese Bank.

This is another “Collusion” deal with a foreign government, the scenario they and the Dems are projecting on President Trump and family to cover-up their own dealings that made them billionaires on the back of special U.S. regulations and diplomacy scams of “pay to play” tactics.

During the Obama Administration, the backroom plan to rape America by selling Uranium to the Russians while making other deals with China set the stage for reasons why Trump is cleaning the swamp. Slowly the facts are surfacing and might be the reason why Joe Biden (the perp that likes little girls) wants to run for the 2020 presidency and maybe why both Obama and Hillary Clinton are aggressively looking at investing their illegal money stolen from the American people into New Zealand and Australia. They know the hammer is about to fall….

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