Germany: Minivan Of Peace Enriches Cafe Crowd, At Least 3 Dead, 30 Injured

Here in Alabama it’s been a bit chilly and dreary for spring, but you still have birds chirping, flowers blooming, and those nasty annoying red wasps buzzing around everywhere trying to find homes.

In Europe, however, you also have Moslems awakening from winter hibernation, and immediately getting to work firing up their vehicles for some super smash time deluxe.


A vehicle has rammed into a crowd of people in the western German city of Muenster. Several people have been killed in the incident, according to police.

Authorities have not provided any specific numbers, merely confirming the fatalities. Yet, according to the Rheinische Post, citing a police source, the number of those dead now stands at three. Around 30 people are estimated to be injured.

The incident took place in the center of Muenster. Police have cordoned off the area and asked people to avoid it. The nature of the incident remains “unclear,” police said in a Twitter post urging everyone to “avoid speculation.”

The White Race still stands tall as one of the most adaptive species on the planet – I think only tardigrades/water bears have us beat.

We’re even capable of adjusting to daily occurrences of mass slaughter in our cities, and have evolved so much altruism that we hate to jump to conclusions so long as there’s a 0.00000000001% chance of something like mental illness or Kebab teen angst.

Photos from the scene appear to show a grey minivan, seen among scattered chairs and tables in a narrow street. The café in question, called the Kiepenkerl, is popular among locals and tourists. It is located in the historical part of the city. The street where the incident took place is also located in the vicinity of several major shopping centers.

The driver of the vehicle has taken his own life, German police confirmed to the country’s DPA news agency. Authorities say that currently they are not looking for any further suspects, and that the danger is likely to be over.

I’m going to make it a policy henceforth of not even discussing the possibility of an uprising among the Whites hit by these attacks – logic tells us that if such a thing were possible, it would have happened long ago when the bombs started exploding and the trucks starting ramming.

I suppose what I’m saying could theoretically be called black-pilling, but I think it’s good for everyone to acknowledge reality and stop the floating up in the clouds routine that’s persisted since Trump won the Presidency here in America.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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