Kurt Eichenwald Faces Justice After Mocking “Desperate” Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor

Pro-gun Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv has become liberals’ worst nightmare. He is smart, articulate, and he defends our 2nd Amendment. Liberals acted horrified when Fox’s Laura Ingraham said that David Hogg ‘whines.’ However they have been far more cruel to Kyle Kashuv.

“I consulted a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist – a political conservative, since that seems so important to you – and based on what he read, the psychiatrist said the following. Kyle is in desperate need of psychiatric help or support,” said liberal author Kurt Eichenwald.

Einchenwald sent a series of messages insulting Kashuv to Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “Don’t forward this to Kyle. He does not need to know what a psychiatrist is saying about him. You have hurt him enough,” said Eichenwald.

Ben Shapiro proceeded to post Eichenwald’s bizarre emails. The emails accuse the high schooler of “working to trick journalists,” and “coordinating” with “trolls.”

Even some CNN commenters thought that Eichenwald is going too far. “@benshapiro I’m thinking Kurt should take a break from Twitter…” tweeted ‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter. “I just received this from @kurteichenwald. There are no words for how wild this email is. @VanityFair is apparently an odd place,” wrote Ben Shapiro on twitter. Eichenwald responded by revealing that he no longer is associated with Vanity Fair. “Hell of a way to find out. I have been a contributing editor – contracted freelancer – with Vanity Fair for 6 years. I live in Dallas & have not been in contact with the new editor in charge. My contract expired and was not renewed. Called my friends there – all of them gone too,” he wrote. Check out the tweets below.

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