Israel to Send All Black African Undocumented to White Western Countries!

Can’t say I didn’t feel this was going to happen.

The Israeli Government has announced that it is reversing it’s policy of returning Black African migrants to Black African countries. Instead Israel has reached a deal with the United Nations to resettle the Black African Migrants currently in Israel to (drum roll….)

White Western Countries!

As Gomer Pyle would say:

“Surprise, surprise”


“The Israeli government announced on Monday that it has reached a landmark agreement with the United Nations to scrap its contested plans to deport African asylum seekers and would resettle many of them in Western countries instead…. Netanyahu and his interior minister, Arieh Deri, are to make a formal announcement shortly, according to the prime minister’s office.

The deal lifts the threat of a forced expulsion to unnamed African destinations, widely believed to be Rwanda and Uganda, with whom Israel had reached a secret agreement…..

The optics of black asylum seekers accusing the country of racism has turned into a public relations liability for Israel, and groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors, rabbis and pilots have all appealed to halt the plan.”

I respond:

So this demonstrates in brutal, anti White genocidal ways that the Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders and Trump campaign strategy of being 100% pro Israel in hopes that the Israelis and the jewish diaspora might allow White Western countries to implement strict israeli style immigration policies – that’s out the window. The Jews insist that both:

Israel is reserved as a Jewish ethnostate and…
All remaining White Western nations MUST Be flooded with unlimited numbers of Black African, 3rd world, Muslim migrants.

Anyone who objects to either or both is smeared and marginalized as an EVIL RACIST NAZI, ISAMAPHOBE WHO WANTS TO GAS 6 MILLION JEWS and anyone that isn’t blond haired blue eyed White.

The worst Zionists like the god awful ugly Jewess Tamar Jacoby do not see any contradiction. It’s:

“What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural for everyone with Jews dominating the media, finance, academia, championing the causes of everything non White, anti White including Islam conquering, enslaving the West”.

Why do the Jews do this?

A: They hate us.

Plus they love to always be seen as championing the oppressed, fighting racism and intolerance. They are the most committed anti racists… Plus the Jews are God’s Chosen people.

Any questions?

Source: Occidental Dissent

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