Democrats Had No Problem With Facebook Sharing All your Private…

Democrats Had No Problem With Facebook Sharing All your Private Details With the Obama Campaign; Only After Trump Won Were Alarms Raised

The hatred for Donald Trump that is excreted from leftists within Washington D.C. and the mainstream media on a daily basis is quickly approaching a point where it’s just embarrassing. As they continue to contradict themselves in their attempt to discredit (and ultimately impeach) the president of the United States, millions of Americans across the country are laughing at them.

One example of this blatant hypocrisy has to do with the current controversy surrounding Facebook and the UK data firm Cambridge Analytica, whereby the personal information of roughly 50 million American users of the social network was collected and, according to Mark Zuckerberg, used to help the Trump campaign get inside of people’s heads to ultimately win the presidential election.

It’s worth noting that while there are some legitimate concerns over privacy rights, what Cambridge Analytica did was not illegal; as a matter of fact, this sort of social media data collection has become quite common, and is used to help businesses and politicians alike. This doesn’t make it completely ethical, necessarily, but from a legal perspective, nothing criminal took place here – but that hasn’t stopped those on the left from using it as a tool to damage President Trump’s presidency.

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