My Dad’s Heart Beat About 3,423,772,800 Times, Then it Gave Up…

My Dad’s Heart Beat About 3,423,772,800 Times, Then it Gave Up and Now I Finally Understand the Power of Hope in a Resurrection

I am talking about this man’s heart below, my father. I ask you; is he not a most dapper looking fellow?

I have a few things to say about his death, especially his last 24 hours, and how it affected me. I don’t have anything interesting or profound to say. Really. Not my goal. Thoughts have been flying in and out of my mind at an insane level this past week … imagine each thought as a drop of water flowing over the Niagara Falls. It’s like that. Good memories. Bad memories. Weird thoughts, and even mundane. So, there will be no logical progression with this thread followed by a neat tidy summary as is my usual method. Mr. Quinn graciously granted me the privilege to write whatever I feel like writing. So, I am writing these random thoughts only to preserve for my own posterity some memories still fresh in my mind which I do not want to forget … because memories fade over time, or worse, become altered.

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