Republican Congress Is Mostly Done Legislating In 2018

The MAGA movement is dead in the water.

The omnibus bill was the coup de grace. The writing is on the wall now. The GOP Congress is mostly done legislating for the year. Now it is off to the races in the 2018 midterm elections:

“With passage of an enormous budget bill, the GOP-controlled Congress all but wrapped up its legislating for the year,” per AP: “In two big ways, Republicans have done what they promised. They passed a long sought tax overhaul bill that slashed tax rates. They’ve rolled back regulations, in ways they claim are boosting the economy. In the Senate, they confirmed a justice to the Supreme Court.” …”

Here is what is left on the legislative calendar:

– A new budget deal in September

– Banking deregulation (weakening Dodd-Frank)

– Taking a shot at Tax Cuts 2 over the summer

THIS … is all that the GOP is going to have to show for 2018. The Republican Congress is going to have face voters in the 2018 midterms. It is on track to get blown out now. When the GOP loses the House and possibly the Senate, the MAGA agenda is dead until 2021 at the earliest. That’s assuming a Republican Congress can come back in 2020 and not make the same mistakes as this Congress.

Consider the implications of this: this means that Donald Trump is now effectively a lame duck president and will spend his last two years on the golf course like Barack Obama. He ran on a “populist nationalist” platform during his campaign. The Trump presidency has delivered nothing but mainstream conservative agenda items whether it ending the defense sequester and raising military spending, moving on Israel’s wish list, deregulation or spending the political capital on corporate tax cuts.

What does this mean for the e-celebs who advocated driving a wedge through the Alt-Right in order to be ‘viable’ as American Nationalists? It means they cucked their own followers into empowering mainstream conservatism. They are as marginalized as ever and their supporters have been taken on a ride.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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