Hillary in India: A Sari SpectacleOne of my liberal friends…

Hillary in India: A Sari Spectacle

One of my liberal friends admitted to me recently that there is a certain virtue to losing gracefully. She was referencing her disappointment with the mean-spirited salvos Hillary Clinton delivered during her recent visit to India, an outburst closer to being disgraceful than full of grace.

I’ve been trying to figure Hillary out for almost a half century, ever since I found myself part of an alumnae audience listening to the Wellesley Class of 1969’s graduation spokesperson — known then as Hillary Rodham — erupt in condescending anger at the commencement’s guest speaker. Even all those years ago, it was apparent that she was not sensitive to the feelings of anyone with whose worldview she disagreed. Hence the lamentable manner in which sanctimonious Hillary directed her scorn at Republican U.S. senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts.

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