Meghan McCain Shuts Down Cory Booker When He Dodges Questions About Hillary Clinton

Meghan McCain Shuts Down Cory Booker

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker went onto ‘The View.’ He was probably expecting an easy interview, but he had to face off against Meghan McCain. She challenged him on Hillary Clinton and Democratic corruption.

“Bob Mueller is a long-time Republican but Trump tweeted that 13 out of the 17 members were registered Democrats. Six of them donated to Hillary Clinton. Don’t you think the optics of that are difficult?” asked McCain. Booker challenged whether or not that was Trump. “So I haven’t fact checked it this morning. I heard The New York Times podcast this morning questioned that fact,” responded Booker.

“So you don’t think it’s fair game, if they are Democrats that donated to Hillary?” responded McCain. Booker deflected the question by saying it’s not ‘fair game’ for Trump to criticize ‘sacred institutions’ like the FBI. McCain kept pushing.

“Does it concern you if they’re leaking though? That’s the accusation right now, and even for people like me, obviously I’ve always had the utmost respect for the CIA and FBI but if there’s leaking going on internally, that’s also a huge problem,” said McCain.

She went on to challenge Booker by pointing out the horrible way Hillary Clinton speaks about Republicans. “Hillary Clinton last week in India saying that she won areas that were, quote, ‘forward thinking.’ Trump won places that were backward thinking on issues like race and racism. I’m from one of those states that she’s talking about. And I just want to know from you, going forward in 2020, do you think this is an appropriate way for Democrats to speak about Republicans?” asked McCain.


Source: Conservative 101

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