Adam Schiff Throws Robert Mueller Under The Bus For Not Prosecuting President Trump

Adam Schiff

Even though the House Intelligence Committee found that there was no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russians, that didn’t stop Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for claiming there is a ton of evidence. He even tried to shame Robert Mueller for not prosecuting President Trump.

“We’ve learned a great deal. We’ve learned a great deal about secret meetings the Trump campaign had with the Russians. We’ve learned a great deal about the Russian’s use of social media,” said Adam Schiff during an interview on CNN. Believe it or not, but it’s not illegal for Russians to use social media.

“And we have been able to obtain a lot of very important information for the country which you’ll see when these transcripts come out, because at least some of the members, the Democratic members have been very serious about this,” said Schiff.

He then threw Mueller under the bus. “We can’t simply rely on Bob Mueller because his job is different than ours. His job is to determine who broke the law and who should be prosecuted and who should go to jail. It’s not his job to tell the country what happened,” said Schiff.

“And outside of an indictment, he may not be able to speak. That’s what the Congress is supposed to do. So there’s no substitute for Congress doing its job,” said Schiff.

Source: Adam Schiff Gets Cold Feet On Russia, Loses Confidence In Mueller by BPR

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