Tucker Carlson Shows How Schools Blackmailed Students To Get Them To Gun Protest

Tucker Carlson

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson just revealed the dark secret behind the anti-gun school walkouts that took place all across America.

“In Alexandria, VA, 65 students walked out of an elementary school, as if kids under 10 can go anywhere by themselves. Now, whether you like the kids, like what they’re saying, and you may, but you should be opposed to this because kids should not be used to advance political agendas, anyone’s,” said Carlson.

“Why? Because they’re children. They’re not old enough to have the perspective adults do. That’s why we don’t let them vote or a drink or, if the protesters have their way, buy guns. That’s why it’s wrong to exploit them, which is exactly what is being done to them today, what the left is doing and has always done from Mao’s Red Guards to right now,” said Carlson.

“The ANC in South Africa used kids as propaganda in the ’80s. Their cause was morally defensible. Causes usually are morally defensible. But in the process, an entire generation of kids grew up to learn that activism is more important than learning and a lot of them regret it now. They were exploited, and there being exploited here. No matter what they chant, remember the enemy of the adults behind this isn’t the NRA. It’s anyone who opposes their broader agenda,” he said.

“That’s people who have no power at all. So, the message is simple, stand against us, and you’re against children, and therefore you’re a monster. And if you’re a monster, you deserve to be destroyed. It’s a kind of moral blackmail,” he said. Do you think he’s right?

Source: Conservative 101

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