BREAKING: Look What Liberals Are Doing NATIONWIDE Right NOW… Here’s Why



Thousands of students are walking out of classrooms nationwide Wednesday to protest gun violence and call for new gun control measures on the one month anniversary of the Parkland school shooting that left 17 dead and sparked a grassroots wave of activism, FOX News reports.

In nearly 3,000 protests nationwide, students from the elementary to college level are taking up the call in a variety of ways. Some planned roadside rallies to honor shooting victims and protest violence. Others were to hold demonstrations in school gyms or on football fields. In Massachusetts and Georgia and Ohio, students said they’ll head to the statehouse to lobby for new gun regulations.

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This is taking it too far and these anti-gun lunatics are abusing our children and mentally filling their heads with lies and fears over firearms.

AFF NEWS released the information earlier this month about these anti-gun groups oozing themselves into schools and how the PTA and Teachers have united to protest firearms and they are throwing the youth on the front line.

The same lunatic group that lead the anti-Trump protest and March against President Trump nationwide, while wearing the “Pink Vagina” hats, The Women’s March Organization, is also leading the national Walk Out against guns on March 14th.

“Lets call this what it is, it is a form of child abuse as well as teaching our youth to give up their freedoms and submit to socialism.”

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The crazy Women’s March group created a youth group for their organization, called EMPOWER.  They manipulated the children and created this bogus group to justify their hate and to push their agenda on our children.

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WE are failing our youth by allowing these groups to put their tentacles in our schools, manipulating our children to become little protestors against firearms.

Enough is enough, this crosses the line and they have pushed too far, for the love God America, wake up and put an end to this garbage before our children are brainwashed into submission.

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Broward County, Florida, a column at NEA Today touted: “There’s a new face on the age-old gun debate: our students, and they won’t be silenced. They are demanding that the adults in power keep them safe and they will not stand by and allow elected officials to fail them any longer.”

“The dominant call for action tied to the national walkout is for stricter gun laws, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and expanded background checks for prospective gun-buyers,” writes Denisa R. Superville at Education Week. “Inspired by the activism of a small, but vocal group of student survivors from Stoneman Douglas, students across the U.S. have already staged dozens of walkouts in the weeks since the Feb. 14 mass shooting.” Breitbart

The Women’s group is being taught radical Islam and they are drinking it up and filling themselves full of hate.  Now these groups are going after our youth and yet I cannot find any groups that are standing against these psychopaths. AFF News

This is not something we can simply ignore, we need to protect our youth from these groups that are in Blunt Truth, enemies of America and the American people.

We need to create an organization to stand against these horrific lunatics and not just protect our children but protect free thinking and allowing our children to be children!

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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