Cuck Island Supreme: BBC Series Features Negroid Achilles

So I’ve been reading up on the Fermi Paradox, and pondering just what exactly serves as a Great Filter – a barrier preventing the rise of intelligent technological alien civilizations.

Is it the rise of life itself from a planet’s primordial soup?

Is it the change of climate that can come naturally or through changes in a planet’s star?

Is it technology itself – do aliens just wipe themselves out with nuclear weapons or biological agents as soon as they are able to do so?

Or is it something more insidious – the decline and fall of civilizations through deliberate de-evolution and ultimate cuckoldry?

Do all intelligent beings go the way of Britain if given enough time and maneuvering room?

Digital Spy:

Survey the footage trailing Troy: Fall of a City – bearded men in togas, battles on horseback, the kind of candlelit sex scenes that will make watching episodes on public transport particularly tricky – and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was business as usual. Another blockbuster (albeit a small-screen one) depicting Homer’s mythical tale of war, gods and doomed love.

But BBC One’s splashy new eight-parter created by The Night Manager’s David Farr approaches this ancient story with something of a modern sensibility. And so it is that the character of Achilles, last embodied on screen by a lank-haired Brad Pitt in 2004’s Troy, will this time be played by British-Ghanaian actor David Gyasi. (Not to mention many other black roles in the series, including Hakeem Kae-Kazim as the god Zeus.) It’s a casting move that – with thudding, tedious predictability – has been met with opposition by a small, stubbornly vocal section of the internet.

A Nigerian Zeus?

Does this mean that the Trojans were defeated by 419 African lottery scams?

“Homer in the Iliad repeatedly describes Achilles as ‘blonde’ and ‘golden-haired’,” whined one definite non-racist. “Mad PC decision,” tweeted another. “Would anyone be mad if I made movie [sic] about US history, and actor playing Obama would be white?” chipped in one more.

“#Netflix so you’re going to black wash troy fall of city the new show. zeus, achilles wasn’t black and more. as a Greek I am disgusted,” said one, in the interests of asserting Greek identity more than diminishing black actors, of course.

Is it impossible to conceive of a black Greek man? What if he was mixed race, would that be acceptable? Would he seem more plausibly Greek? It’s a reminder that these arguments can’t withstand even the tiniest scrutiny. What those who object to Gyasi’s casting are really saying – beyond the handwringing about cultural authenticity – is, essentially, that they want to go back to the old days when you could get away with an all-white cast. When a grand, period saga like this would be a stealthy way to lock out non-white actors.

To be fair to humble Cuck Islanders, the man writing this article is a Negro, although ratings and whatnot will likely show us that there is little serious resistance to this literal erasure of history and myth.

Therefore, maybe one day thousands of years from now, advanced aliens will send a spacecraft down to the surface of this planet and marvel at the crumbling ruins of White Civilization.

Maybe they will gape in awe while using lasers to fend off small waves of mixed-race subhuman savages still surviving amid the broken stone and metal.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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