BREAKING News Out Of Tennessee… Authorities Make MASSIVE Announcement

A search effort was underway for missing Nashville firefighter Jesse Reed, 32.

A search effort was underway for missing Nashville firefighter Jesse Reed, 32.

Nashville firefighter Jesse Reed, 32. (Nashville Fire Department)


The search continued Sunday in Tennessee for a Nashville firefighter who has been missing since early Monday.

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Nashville Fire Department firefighter Jesse Reed, 32, went missing early Monday after his vehicle plunged into the Tennessee River near Mason’s Boat Dock in Waverly, authorities told the Tennessean.

Reed’s wife, who was a passenger, escaped from the vehicle and was found alive in a nearby ditch, Fox 17 Nashville reported.

Search warrants for two residences were executed Friday in an effort to find Reed.

Why Reed, or his body, have not been found yet has left authorities baffled, Fox News reports.

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“The car was empty,” Deputy Rob Edwards with the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office said. “The windows were rolled down, which was weird. That was strange.”

Locations searched Friday were residences where Reed reportedly has lived — one in Humphreys County and the other in Cheatham County.

An official from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told the Tennessean that the investigation was “active and ongoing.”

Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said he believed it would be “irresponsible” to not “exhaust all means possible” to locate Reed.

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William Swann, the Nashville Fire Department’s interim director and chief, thanked the community for the search efforts in a Facebook post.

“A Message from Nashville Fire Department Director Chief William Swann about the search for Firefighter Jesse Reed:

As we head into the weekend we continue our efforts along with the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office to locate Firefighter Jesse Reed. We are so appreciative of the support and prayers we have received from around the country. I want to extend my great appreciation to all the counties who have volunteered their assistance with this search. Please continue to keep Firefighter Reed, his family and the NFD in your prayers. #PraywithNFD”

“We have no evidence to indicate that he is not still in this water,” said Sheriff Davis, adding that the water search efforts would continue this weekend. “I would like to ask for the continued prayer for the fast recovery and the closure of this situation for the family.”

Before his disappearance, Reed had risked his life to save strangers, Fox 17 Nashville reported. Fire Department performance evaluations said Reed “performs his duties with exceptional professionalism.”

The Nashville Fire Department told the station that dive teams continue to search the Tennessee River for Reed, deploying underwater sonar and rovers, as well as drones and helicopters.

The Hendersonville Fire Department also sent four divers to help in the search, the report said.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone involved.

God Bless.



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