Action! Episode 9: Optics, TWP, and You

Editor’s Note: Here is Matthew Heimbach’s account of the events that went down at Michigan State. It was hard to understand what was going on in the chaos. The podcast was pulled from TRS.


Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater host the 9th episode of Action!

We discuss (as always) the reasons for our uniform(literally Dickies and boots). Also nobody seems to be aware that we have different winter and summer uniforms. Something tells me that there will be people that signal against the khaki pants and black TWP t-shirt too. Maybe not.

In retrospect, we should have listened to the Ricky Vaughn episode of “Strike and Mike” before we recorded this. There were a lot of issues raised that I would have loved to have addressed on here. Ricky Vaughn is not one of us. Plain and simple. I’m not sure why he thinks we should change our messaging to appeal to an audience that unironically DR3 posts, and actually believes Hispanics are natural conservatives. We’re doing something different. We aim to be the ideological spearhead of a movement. We intend to bring people to us, not pander to them. We aren’t selling you a product we’re offering you a way forward. The suggestion that we adopt paper towel guy aesthetics was particularly bewildering. One funny thing is Ricky suggested we wear hard hats for helmets…we already did and the same optics posters took issue with that too. I’ve been told “You shouldn’t look like Nazis. You should look like Nordic Resistance or Golden Dawn!” So…like more professional Nazis? Is it just that they’re European that makes the difference? I’ve heard people say “well the difference is is that they’re ethnic nationalists not racial”. This is flatly wrong. They all believe in white identity and are very must racial nationalists. Hell the NRM even uses the Horst Wessel Lied as their anthem. Are they larping Nazis too? I just don’t know if some people are thinking through what they’re actually saying.

There are more people that would identify as alt right today then there were a year ago. The issue with turn out isn’t because of a look. Its because there is nobody else doing it for fear of assaults from violent communists. Also, TPUSA reached out to us knowing full well who we were/what we wore. They disavowed after we did what they asked and helped to protect their event. This is because conservatives will sell you out if they feel its expedient. It’s in their nature to be opportunistic cowards. That being said the offer for Vaughn to come on our show is still open.

We aren’t above critique. Nobody is. The issue is if some of the critiques are coming from people who are arguing in bad faith. If you spend your time shilling for one group while shitting on another that you feel if your biggest ‘competitor’ then I’m obviously going to take that with a grain of salt. If you stress that we need to look professional and then message me telling me I should take my men to fight the police during a rally, well then I’m certainly not going to listen to a thing you say. I’d also urge others to reevaluate a person who does this and what their intentions truly are.

Ultimately we’re here to be team players. This needs to be a real movement. We offer job training. We help people find employment. We help people find homes. We help people kick addictions. We even have several dl candidates about to win office. This is the real deal guys. There isn’t a lot of time to get this right. There is no second chance. If you believe that a particular combination of clothing is what it takes to save the race then, by all means, put them on and get out there. We’re encouraging you to do it. We’ll support you, help you, keep our distance or whatever you feel would be best. But we need to evolve from an online debating and shitposting club into the men, and the movement that will right the ship and save our people.

Hail Victory

Source: Occidental Dissent

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