CNN Claims NRA Is “In God’s Way”, They Get Completely Obliterated

In an interview with CNN, Angela Rye screamed at a guest for defending the NRA, claimed the NRA is in God’s way. Don Lemon added on, claiming that the NRA is holding us all hostage. Guest Alice Stewart pointed out that the Hollywood celebrities are hypocrites for rallying against guns while being protected by armed bodyguards. Rye completely lost it.

“This isn’t about the NRA standing up to protect people in Hollywood…The NRA is out of touch…Let’s lay partisanship aside…and say, ‘Kids have died.’ The NRA is out of touch. They are in God’s way,” said Rye.

“We don’t need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is. They’re not. They are terrible…They are terrible… And it’s high time that somebody who wasn’t just standing up for the 2nd Amendment… It’s high time that there is an organization that competes with them to say, ‘We are not going to allow you to buy public service,’” yelled Rye.

“Look, the hypocrisy of Hollywood to be criticizing the NRA when they have armed guards around is certainly laughable,” responded Stewart. Rye then screamed that one person is from Chicago, as if that is even an argument. “Alice, do you know where these people are from? Rashid is from Chicago! Like, stop! Just stop! Like, Alice, I like you as a person but this is crazy! Just stop!”

Lemon piled on. “The NRA members are a very small minority of what America actually wants. They’re holding the rest of us hostage,” said Lemon. Check out the video below.

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