US Ambassador To The UN Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC – Video

US Ambassador To The UN Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC

I’ve been in a negative mood for the past few days.

The American Nationalism debate raged all weekend. It was 1,500 comments of watching The Daily Stormer crowd take a piss on the Traditionalist Worker Party.

I made it known how strongly that I disagreed with that. I watched Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party get swarmed by Antifa this afternoon at Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State. It was inspiring to see Traditionalist Worker Party, Patriot Front and Operation Homeland working together. After checking the TRS Forums, I noticed the optics faggotry had flared back up again, which was another reminder of how little loyalty some people in the Alt-Right have to each other. I don’t think they understand how their lack of solidarity is the worst optics imaginable.

I’ve spent the last hour torturing myself out of a sense of duty to listen to Mike Pence and Nikki Haley address the AIPAC conference. This is what our leaders are doing while Antifa are shutting down free speech at Michigan State, Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Queen’s College in Canada, and King’s College in London. This also happened to Christina Hoff Summers, Jordan Peterson and Sargon of Akkad on two continents in three countries all in the same day.

Meanwhile, the mainstream Right can’t rise above its total subservience to Israel. I sometimes wonder why I even bother. I have no idea what these people see in the Trump administration.


Source: Occidental Dissent

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