BREAKING News Out Of TEXAS… Here’s What We Know


Fox News reports that a man was killed after “some type of device” exploded on the front porch of his home in Texas, officials said.

The victim, was a male in his late 40’s, he was found on his front porch at his residence, the explosion was heard shortly after 7.00am in Northern Austin, Harris Ridge neighborhood.

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“The callers were reporting an explosion and they also reported that there was a victim that appeared to have traumatic injuries as well,”Austin Police Chief Brian Manley

The victim was transported to the area local hospital where he was pronounced dead, due to his injuries received from the explosion.

According to FOX 7 , Austin’s local News, Austin Travis County EMS say they took a man in his 40’s to a Round Rock hospital. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the victim died shortly after.

The FBI and ATF along with Austin City Police are investigating. Dogs were used to sweep the neighborhood making sure the area was safe and no evidence escaped from the blast zone.

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“I thought there was a possibility it could be a drug-related thing but I didn’t want to go there,” Sledge said. The FBI tells FOX 7 this wasn’t drugs.

“I know you all will ask whether this is terrorism-related. Again there’s no information that we have right now to believe this is anything other than an isolated incident but we’re working diligently to understand this incident and to understand why it had occurred,” Manley said.

A U.S. postal inspector was spotted on scene.

The question many in the neighborhood are asking…was this device delivered?

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“We reach out to all of our providers that deliver mail to this area, both the U.S. Postal Service and those that do it privately because that is one of the things we want to know is was there a package delivered to this residence in the past several days?” Manley said.

CBS AustinNeighbor Kenneth Thompson heard the blast. “I saw my neighbor run across the street and actually was trying to turn the guy over,” Thompson explained. The victim’s injuries were critical.

“I did notice there was a pool of blood everywhere,” Thompson recalled.

According to the neighbors in the area, the FBI has been interviewing them and showing a picture of an individual, asking if any of them recognize the individual.

With the FBI on scene, we all know we will never get the truth, facts and real evidence about the explosion.

“My heart goes out to the victim and his family from the explosion that occurred in the 1100 block of Haverford Dr.” ~ Chief Brian Manley

It will be interesting to watch as this unfolds and if the evidence reported is the same by each agency involved.

Vegas shooting showed America that the FBI covers up, lies and attempts to control local police and Sheriff departments.

We do not know if the Post Office delivered the package that blew up when it was picked up or if it was an IED style placed on the porch by the bomber.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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