Wolf Blizter Hits New Low, Listen To Him When Student Claims The NRA Is “Killing Children”

Wolf Blizter Hits New Low

CNN appears to be doing everything they can to slander the NRA and anyone who loves guns. They are attempting to call them child murderers. When a Republican says anything on CNN they are hit with severe pushback. However, when one student called the NRA child murderers, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was totally on board.

“It’s an awful situation all around. I know it’s painful and difficult for you and all your friends at school,” said Blitzer in an interview with Alfonso Calderon, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas student.

“I’m glad to see that companies are finally hearing not only the children’s outcry, but everybody in this country who is sick and tired of the dysfunctional laws and system that we have set in place. I’m glad that Dick’s Sporting Goods supports common sense gun laws, such as an 18-year-old should not be able to buy a shotgun or an AR-15. That’s just not sensible,” said Calderon.

“And I’m glad that companies — which are what will stop the NRA from doing what they’re doing, and basically killing kids — the companies are going to be the ones that are going to stop this,” said Calderon and Blitzer said nothing.

“And I’m calling out every single company right now who is not in favor of cutting their ties with the NRA. The NRA has shown themselves to be toxic, vile, and to not support the right to live, which is in the preamble of the Constitution. I want them to remember: they always talk about the Second Amendment, but that preamble is before it because of its importance and its necessity for America to be the way it is,” said Calderon. Check out the video below.


Source: Conservative 101

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