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BREAKING At Least 7 DEAD So Far…


Residents along the New England coast were warned that additional flooding was possible Saturday, one day after Winter Storm Riley killed at least seven people and knocked out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses, the Weather Channel reported.

Deaths have been reported in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, and Virginia, where two people were killed. Two of the victims – a 6-year-old boy in Chester, Virginia, and an 11-year-old boy in Putnam Valley, New York – were children.

The governors of Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia declared states of emergency due to the conditions. National Guard members were activated in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania to assist in the aftermath.

More than 1.9 million customers were still powerless Saturday afternoon, according to

Since Friday morning, nearly 4,000 domestic flights have been canceled, mostly in the Northeast, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware. More than 500 of those cancellations occurred on Saturday as impacts from the storm persisted.

“Incredible washover on Rebecca road in Scituate, MA. Still have another high tide to go through at noon. Winds still gusting over 45mph.”

“Cleaning I up a bit before next high tide at noon here in Scituate, MA”

FOX News reports that forecasters said rain and snow was expected to slowly come to an end Saturday, hanging on across southern New England the longest. Winds were expected to remain breezy from Washington to Boston, a day after they toppled tractor trailers and exceeded 50 mph, with gusts of 80 to 90 mph on Cape Cod. At least five people were killed Friday by falling trees or branches.

Ohio and upstate New York got a foot or more of snow, while Boston and Rhode Island expected to get 2 inches to 5 inches.

Jim Hayes, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center in Maryland, said coastal flooding was expected to continue to cause problems in eastern Massachusetts and Boston, which could experience “a significant coastal flood event.”

“Ladies and gentlemen.. PLEASE… This not only endangers your life, but the lives of first responders

Floodwaters in Quincy, Massachusetts, submerged cars, and police rescued people trapped in their vehicles. High waves battered nearby Scituate, making roads impassable and turning parking lots into small ponds. More than 1,800 people alerted Scituate officials they had evacuated, The Boston Globe reported.

Airlines canceled some 4,000 domestic flights. Amtrak announced Saturday it has suspended service between Washington, D.C. and New York City due to power outages.

Passengers had a rough ride aboard a flight that landed at Dulles Airport outside Washington.

‘Pretty Much Everyone … Threw Up’

United Airlines Flight 3833 had a violent descent into Dulles Airport just after 7 a.m. Friday morning, and the turbulence made virtually every passenger sick.

“Very bumpy on descent. Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up,” said a pilot in a report filed with the National Weather Service’s aviation center.

The plane, a CRJ-200 that can hold about 50 passengers, took off from Charlottesville, Virginia, less than an hour before the landing, according to NBC Washington.

The pilots were reportedly close to also vomiting due to the extreme nature of the turbulence, the report also added. Despite the frightening landing, no injuries were reported, NBC Washington also said.

President Donald Trump, who traveled to North Carolina for the funeral for the Rev. Billy Graham, was forced to fly out of Dulles instead of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Air Force One is housed, because of high winds, Fox News reported.

On the West Coast, a storm moving in from the Pacific was expected to bring heavy rain and snow in the mountains especially among the Sierras and the Great Basin, Dean reported. Flooding was a concern, especially across the burn areas in Southern California.

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