Wing Nut Democrat Luis Gutiérrez Accuses Trump Of Making It ‘Illegal’ To Be An Illegal Alien

Wing Nut Democrat Luis Gutiérrez

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez attacked President Trump for being a ‘racist’ because he wants to defend our border, and improve immigration. He also accused Trump of pulling ‘the legal rug out from under the DREAMers.’ He is accusing Trump of making it illegal to be here illegally.

T”he president set us on this course. He pulled the legal rug out from under the DREAMers and then cloaked his position on immigration in an ethnocentrist, pro-European, pro-white agenda that will hurt America,” said Gutiérrez.

“But, the racists — and we must call them out for what they are — the racists who are driving immigration policy in the White House are defining the agenda for every House Republican and are shaping the brand of the Republican Party as not just the party opposed to illegal immigration, but also as the party opposed to legal immigration,” said Gutiérrez.

“Not just the party who doesn’t want poor or Latin American immigrants, but doesn’t want brown or black, or anyone who isn’t white in this country,” he said.

“If that is how my colleagues on the other side of the aisle define themselves and want to be remembered, then they should do nothing. But I have a greater faith in this institution, and the ability of this Congress to rise above racism,” he said.


Source: Conservative 101

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