Special Counsel Robert Mueller Has Been Caught Protecting The Clinton Campaign

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

According to a new report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been caught protecting the Clinton campaign from indictment.

As reported by TheWashingtonReporter: Just a week ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian state affiliates for allegedly using targeted ads to sway voters all across the political spectrum. None of the 13 Russians were charged with collusion, and it was said more than enough times that “no US citizen was willingly aware of their efforts.” Aside from vindicating the Trump campaign’s claims of innocence, this statement also puts the Clinton campaign in legal jeopardy.

Experienced lawyers told The Washington Reporter hat the reason why no collusion charges were brought upon the 13 Russians or anyone in the Trump campaign is because similar charges could have been applied to members of the Clinton campaign. Simply put, if Mueller charged anyone on the Trump team with colluding with a foreign agent, those exact charges could be applied to the entirety of the Clinton campaign & the DNC which essentially acted as the same entity during the 2016 campaign when they hired British Spy Christopher Steele.

These revelations place the Special Counsel investigation in a new light, one which is particularly unfavorable to Robert Mueller. Reports of bias within his team have already emerged in the recent months, including the release of infamous texts messages between disgraced FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Chief Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, which detail their efforts to work with Andrew “Andy” McCabe to get Hillary Clinton elected.

The Mueller probe has also come under fire for their staff made up entirely of Democrats, with many investigators donating the legal limit to the Clinton and Obama campaigns, demonstrating massive political bias. A copious number of leaks have seemingly come out of Mueller’s team, all of which seem to be aimed at undermining the Trump Presidency.

H/T Washington Reporter

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