Joe Scarborough Finds The Real Culprit Behind Every Mass Shooting… FedEx

FedEx recently announced that they would not get rid of their discount to NRA members because of pressure they have received since the Florida shooting. “FedEx is a common carrier under Federal law and therefore does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views,” they said.

This was too much for MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Scarborough tried to imply that FedEx must get rid of their discount otherwise they are responsible for all mass shootings ever.

“Hold on a second. Nobody is asking them to deny service or discriminate. They are actually giving a discount…. Does FedEx think the American people are stupid? Does FedEx think they’re going to brush past that and really believe that anybody is asking them to discriminate against NRA members? Because they’re not,” said Scarborough.

“They’re actually giving them discounts for being members. Again, from the reports I saw, Steve, they want to corner the gun market. They want to be able to ship the most, I guess, assault-style weapons across America. They want to be able to ship the deadliest guns across America because I guess for them the bottom line is pretty good,” said Scarborough.

“I’m hearing people saying they’re going to move all of their business to UPS. Whatever — help me out. Whatever money they may make by cornering the gun market, aren’t they going to lose a lot more from corporate clients that are just not going to want to be associated with them every time there’s a school shooting or a theater shooting or a church shooting or a country music shooting, doesn’t that seem like a short-sided move in 2018,” said Scarborough.

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