Banning Guns Won’t Solve The ProblemOnce again the news is in a…

Banning Guns Won’t Solve The Problem

Once again the news is in a frenzy over a school shooting. It’s shocking and truly heartbreaking. One maladjusted person took 17 lives and ruined many others. Of course the blame is put on the gun. Did the gun walk into the school under its own power and open fire? No. This young killer had a gun, ammunition, hand grenades, and a gas mask…. he was ready for a fight. As you listen to the news and read through the headlines, be sure to sort through the political rhetoric and find facts.

Somehow he was able to buy all of this weaponry without any suspicions being raised. This 19-year-old killer had been expelled from school, yet he was able to easily enter the school. He was under psychiatric care and was taking mind-altering drugs, which are commonly prescribed to control behavior. These drugs are present in most, if not all, of the mass murderers whose crimes are so horrific.

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