CNN Invents The Term “Fully Semi-Automatics”, They Get Destroyed

CNN is continuing to show their gross ignorance when it comes to guns. In a recent segment called “An Up-Close Look at the AR-15,” a supposedly ‘pro-gun’ general, made up a term for ar-15’s. He called them ‘fully semi-automatics’.

“Just heard the term “full semi-automatic” used on CNN :(” tweeted Free Beacon Staff Writer Stephen Gutowski. “The weirdest part was that it was a former military guy who was seemingly against banning ARs. He fired off a few shots in slow succession then said he was going “full semi-automatic” and starting firing off individual shots more quickly. Such a weird thing,” she said.

Apparently the term “full semi-automatic” means “pull the trigger as fast as you can” pointed out one user. “Full semi-automatic” is a nonsensical term. It’s complete and total nonsense. The rest of the segment beyond that was ok, not the use of that made up term,” tweeted Gutowski.

This isn’t the only anti-gun non-sense CNN has tried to get away with today. CNN’s Chris Cuomo tweeted that we should restrict gun rights because tooth paste is confiscated at airports. “@ChrisCuomo my brand new tube of toothpaste was confiscated at the Orlando airport.. and a mentally ill kid can buy an assault weapon?” wrote twitter user.

“Yes. Priorities. Mass shootings are the only threat this society chooses to ignore. For terror, we made accommodations to aspects of our rights, privacy and otherwise in the name of safety…but not with these shootings,” responded Cuomo.

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