“You’re Despicable” Parkland Student Crushes ‘Coward’ Security Guard For Letting 17 Children Die

President Trump called Scot Peterson, the armed guard who stood outside while 17 children were murdered, a ‘coward.’ Now Florida shooting survivor and high school senior Brandon Huff gave Peterson a piece of his mind.

“The school resource officer was behind a stairwell wall, just standing there, and he had his gun drawn and he was pointing it at the building. And shots started going off inside, you could hear them over and over again,” said Huff.

“He was pointing his gun at nothing. He was pointing his gun at just the building with kids in it, and he was just talking on the radio and he never did anything for four minutes. He’s the only one with the gun, he’s wearing a bulletproof vest, and you know, he has all that, school security guards — coaches, pretty much — were shielding kids…and losing their lives while he did nothing,” he said.

“You’re despicable. You didn’t do your job,” said Huff. Peterson’s attorney recently released a statement.

“The allegations that Mr. Peterson was a coward and that his performance, under the circumstances, failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue. Mr. Peterson is confident that his actions on that day were appropriate under the circumstances and that the video (together with the eye-witness testimony of those on the scene) will exonerate him of any sub-par performance,” said the statement. Check out the video below.

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