Slowing Down ‘Deep State’ Operatives Wanting to Destroy this…

Slowing Down ‘Deep State’ Operatives Wanting to Destroy this Country +Videos

As the hammer drops on the “Deep State” and their lack of law enforcement intervention with the Florida Shooting, the key figure…..Sheriff Scott Israel faces massive scrutiny from both sides of the media, a weird change of “Mockingbird” policy.

Delta Airlines bit-off more than they can chew by denouncing the NRA….the Georgia State Legislature just cut tax breaks for Delta as a result thereof.

The “straw man” attack on the NRA is failing as the truth is revealed. NRA Dana Loesch confronted Sheriff Israel at the CNN Town Hall over a Florida Statute (which he failed to act on) as many calls about Cruz to the Broward County S.O. were ignored. “The Baker Act” would have prevented the “Deep State” operation that killed 17 students and injuring a dozen others by medically incarcerating Nikolas Cruz and seizing his weapons. But was it a failure ?

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